People-first Culture

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We fuel the entrepreneurial dream in our community.

AFC’s people-first culture

It’s true—we love what we do! Which is basically making dreams happen. Whether it’s supporting a dealer and their growing business or helping an employee find a meaningful career path, AFC is dedicated to the dream.

Why we’re here

AFC believes in creating a culture that makes employees look forward to working each day. No end-of-week doldrums here—from Fun Sock Friday to surprises like pies on March 14 (“Pi Day”), there’s never a dull moment.

Growth—we mean it!

No one wants a job that has no opportunity for growth or change. AFC is committed to helping each employee develop their own career dream and take the steps to make it happen. With cross-team and cross-KAR company development opportunities, employees are able to pursue any position of interest. The HR team is driven by the Insights Discovery profile that helps each employee reach a new level of self-understanding and use that knowledge to lead a more effective professional life.

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We saved you a spot!

AFC is full of career opportunities. Here are just a few of our more commonly open positions.

Branch Manager

Our branch managers are positioned at one of our 110+ locations throughout North America. They are instrumental in building and maintaining a business portfolio by motivating, developing, and managing a team of employees. Branch managers are passionate about people development and love the independence of operating a branch.

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Assistant Branch Manager

Assistant branch managers work collaboratively with branch managers on the overall operations at the branch. They are essential in expanding AFC’s portfolio too, as well as reducing risk. The assistant branch manager position is unique in that it couples the exciting aspects of business development with overall branch operations.

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Dealer Service Specialist

Our dealer service specialists are key in driving the success of the branches. They are the face of AFC and tasked with delivering the best quality of service to our customers. They manage a variety of operational tasks with efficiency and accuracy daily. The dealer service specialist role is the springboard to developing a long-lasting and rewarding career with AFC.

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