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Floorplanning in a nutshell.

Besides what AFC does best, what exactly is floorplanning?

Floorplanning is a type of financing that provides a revolving line of credit allowing the borrower or dealer to obtain financing for retail goods. These loans are made against specific items of inventory; for example, a passenger vehicle, RV, or motorcycle. When an item of inventory is sold by the dealer, the loan advanced against that inventory is repaid.

AFC floorplan programs

AFC provides finance solutions not only for independent used car dealers, but also other dealer types, such as powersports, salvage or dismantlers, rental operators, RV dealers, and commercial truck dealers.

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Working with the best in the industry.

AFC is proud to be a subsidiary of KAR Global.

AFC’s core business complements the other business units within the KAR Global group of companies, including ADESA auctions, TradeRev, BacklotCars, PAR North America, AutoVIN, and many more. This diversity allows KAR Global to provide a full spectrum of remarketing services including financing, technology, and inspection/repair services.

For more information about KAR Global and its affiliated companies, visit KARglobal.com.

From our roots to the road.

Founded in 1987, Automotive Finance Corporation (AFC) was created to provide inventory financing for independent car dealers as they bought and sold vehicles at auto auctions and dealerships. The first onsite floor planning office was located in what is now known as ADESA Lexington in Kentucky. It was so successful that AFC expanded its operations nationally and now has loan offices inside most ADESA auctions as well as a number of independent auctions.

With more than 110 branch locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, AFC works with over 15,000 dealers and is accepted as a form of dealer payment at more than 1,100 auction sources in the same footprint.

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