$90 for 60 Days + 9.99% Interest

Floor purchases made at 1,300+ auctions for $90 with a promotional interest rate for up to 60 days!*

All eligible vehicles floored from July 15 – 21 will be entered into the promotion unless the AFC Dealer opts out prior to flooring.**

*Must be a contracted AFC Dealer (Non-Rental/Mobility, Non-Rate Card and Non-Daily Tab) in good standing with available credit to qualify for incentive offer. Excludes Rhode Island, South Dakota and, New York, dealers. 60 Days for $90 floorplan fee offer applies to select vehicles purchased at any AFC-approved auction anytime during the promotional period (July 15-21, 2024) and floorplanned with AFC only on the date of purchase during the promotional period and not enrolled any other AFC promotion. Incentive offer applies to floorplan fee and interest for the first 60 days on floorplan only. All other charges, contracted and non-contracted apply. Interest will accrue at AFC’s promotional interest rate of 9.99% during the incentive period (60 days) in lieu of contract rates. Unless paid off, vehicles floorplanned under this promotion will roll into the AFC Dealer’s standard AFC Floorplan line of credit after the 60th day in accordance with AFC’s guidelines and pursuant to the AFC Dealer’s contract terms. This offer has no cash value, is non transferable and may not be combined with any other offer.

**By flooring an eligible vehicle with AFC during the promotional period (July 15-21, 2024), eligible AFC Dealers agree to have the vehicle floored in accordance with the promotional terms unless they opt out of the promotion prior to AFC’s advance. Dealers may opt out by contacting their local AFC representative.

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