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Life at AFC: Mandy Mills

Life at AFC with Operations Manager Mandy Mills

What is your job at AFC and how do you support the independent dealer every day? 

I’m the Operations Manager in Major Dealer Accounts, which means I work with some of the largest accounts within the company. My team and I support our dealers and help them succeed while taking care to monitor risk for the company. 

What is one of your favorite stories of working with an AFC dealer? 

Overall, my favorite part of working with our dealers is knowing that we are helping them build their dreams. Several years ago I started working with a husband and wife team with big dreams and a small line of credit. Over the years, I have witnessed the growth of their business. They have always shared their goals and dreams with me and it has been a huge pleasure to watch them achieve every goal they’ve set over the years. I’ve watched their family grow up. When their last baby was born, I brought lunch and balloons to the hospital to congratulate them. Fast forward to today, and they are one of the most successful dealers in the area with multiple locations. I feel proud to say that our company has been a big part of their success! 

What is the best part of working for AFC?

AFC is my family! I also love that our dealers come from all different backgrounds and cultures; I’ve learned so much through the years and have enjoyed the opportunity to work with all different types of people! 

How do you help our dealers achieve their goals? 

By listening to what my customers need, I can support them and help make their dreams come true. 

What are you most excited about as part of the AFC team?

I’m most excited to see where the company goes in the future. We always do the right thing for our customers and our employees, and find ways to grow and adapt. 

What is your best piece of advice for dealers to successfully work with AFC?

I want our dealers to know that we’re your true partner and an extension of your business. Trust that AFC is there to help you succeed. If you tell us your goals and dreams, we’ll help you figure out how to achieve them!