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Top 15 AFC Insights Blogs of 2023 

What a year it’s been! At AFC, we strive to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit in our community by providing independent dealers with the knowledge and resources to grow their businesses, expand their inventories, and better leverage dealer floorplan financing.

With 2023 on its way out, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the most impactful and popular posts from the AFC Insights blog in the last twelve months.

From comprehensive informational guides on floorplanning to in-depth articles on dealer inventory sources, this list is packed full of actionable insights that dealers can take with them wherever they go. From all of us at AFC, we wish you a happy New Year and hope you enjoy our Best Content of 2023.

What is floorplan financing?

For an independent auto dealer, floorplan financing could be key to growth. In this expansive guide, we break down the hows and whys of floorplanning, and get into the nitty gritty details of leveraging dealer floorplans.

What is a curtailment?

In this informational article, you’ll learn the important role curtailments play in dealer financing, as well as gain insights into how they can impact floorplans for independent dealers. 

Top 5 problems dealers face when reconditioning auto inventory

Before dealers can sell their vehicle inventory, they need to ensure the cars are ready to drive off the lot. Check out these 5 common problems dealers face when reconditioning auto inventory–and how you can avoid them.

What is a non-auction purchase?

For many dealers, non-auction purchases are an important part of their inventory acquisition strategy. We dig into everything you need to know about what non-auction purchases are, where they’re sourced from, and how dealers can secure non-auction purchase funding.

4 inventory source for non-auction purchases

Non-auction purchases are a great source of used car inventory. Here are a few places outside the traditional dealer auction market, and how you can get started expanding your inventory options

3 Ways Auto Dealer Floorplans Save You Time

Time is the most precious resource that dealers have. Explore 3 strategies for leveraging an auto dealer floorplan to streamline your dealership processes, optimize operations, and save you time. 

What should independent dealers consider before liquidating aged auto inventory?

It happens to the best of us–you have one or multiple vehicles that just can’t seem to find their next home. Before you choose to wholesale auto inventory, first check out these alternate strategies to make the most of your lot. 

3 reasons a floor plan loan can help specialty auto dealers

The independent auto dealer industry is a delightfully wide and varied world. For specialty auto dealers who sell RVs, motorcycles, and more, a floorplan loan has a number of benefits that may surprise you.

What is a floorplan audit?

Floorplan audits are a normal part of the dealer financing process. In this blog, we break down what a floorplan audit is, why they’re necessary, and what might happen after a dealer’s inventory gets audited.

5 things to consider before your first dealer floorplan

If you’re new to floorplanning, this article provides an overview of 5 essential considerations before deciding whether or not floorplanning is right for you.

Should independent dealers purchase from salvage auto auctions?

Salvage auto auctions are a great source for independent dealers to find the inventory they need at competitive prices. We give you the hows and whys for whether independent dealers should consider getting started with salvage auto auctions.

Floorplan funding: 3 signs that it might be time to start

Ever wondered, “Should my dealership use floorplan financing?” This blog details 3 signs that it may be time to consider a dealer auto floorplan to grow your business.

Bank floorplans vs Specialized Floorplan Financing 

Not all floorplan providers are created equal. In this comparative guide, we break down the differences between floorplan loans from traditional lenders like banks and specialized floorplan financing lenders like AFC.

What automotive financial services can an auto finance company offer?

Learn more about the wide variety of automotive financial services that auto finance companies provide to dealers.

Why online auto auctions are good inventory sources for dealers

The digital revolution has transformed the automotive retail industry for consumers, making it easier to buy cars online. With the rise of online auto auctions, dealers are ready to start reaping some of those benefits, too. Learn how in this enlightening article from AFC.

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